A challenge awaits, will you give it a shot?
Full of fun and adventure, going where you have not!
Oh the things you will do and the things you will see,
All for less than it costs to stream online TV!

What the Scavengers are Saying:

"The Great Scavenger Hunt has shown us so many cool spots around Salt Lake City that we didn't know existed. It's been a great way to get the family outside and we've found so many new fun things to do!"
“Utah is such a great place to live, but sometimes we get in the same boring routines with our kids. The Great Scavenger Hunt is the perfect way to mix that up and we're finding cool new places now every single week!”
“My family LOVES TGSH. We go out every Monday to hit up our next clue, and everybody has a blast seeing a new place and trying to figure out what the heck we're supposed to do there! This is such a great activity!”