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The Great Scavenger Hunt

Need a fun activity?
In and around the big SLC?
Look no further, my good friend
JUST TRY TO make it to the end

Grab a board so you can play.
It’s guaranteed to make your day!
And tricky fun, to put it blunt
Join The Great Scavenger Hunt!

A city-wide monthly scavenger hunt that keeps you entertained all year long.
Solve the puzzles, find the clues, and win prizes along the way,
all while discovering fun new places across the Wasatch Front and SLC!

Scavenger Hunt Tracker

Got what it takes?

Our monthly scavenger hunts are a fun challenge for everyone!

Once you join the hunt, you’ll receive a tracker board with your first clue. The Great Scavenger Hunt will take you to new fun spots to check out, all while working your way through fun, challenging clues to help you become king or queen of the scavengers! And the best part is, a new hunt begins every single month!


What the Scavengers are Saying:

“My family LOVES TGSH. We go out every Monday to hit up our next clue, and everybody has a blast seeing a new place and trying to figure out what the heck we're supposed to do there! This is such a great activity!”
"The Great Scavenger Hunt has shown us so many cool spots around Salt Lake City that we didn't know existed. It's been a great way to get the family outside and we've found so many new fun things to do!"
“Utah is such a great place to live, but sometimes we get in the same boring routines with our kids. The Great Scavenger Hunt is the perfect way to mix that up and we're finding cool new places now every single week!”


The Hunt

When you sign up, you’ll receive the tracker board pictured above! 

Each location we send you to has fun and entertainment you can join in, whether it’s a splash pad, a secret hike, and many other amazing places you’ve never even heard of!

Every month, we set up a new scavenger hunt with several clues in different locations across the city. These clues can be found at public parks, shopping areas, splash pads, hiking trails, and more. At each site, you will find the necessary information to get your clue to the next site. Each month we release the information to begin the hunt for the next piece on your tracker board.

Once you have solved all 12 pieces, You’ll have to solve the final puzzle for the grand prize, which will be determined by the number of hunters racing to the finish!

Each monthly scavenger hunt will have 4-6 legs, enough to keep you and your friends and family entertained all month until the next hunt begins. 

You’ll discover so many fun new places all over the Salt Lake Valley! Some locations have optional areas with paid entry, but the clue is always solvable without paying to enter!

1- The first person or group to complete each monthly hunt receives a free subscription renewal!

2- Hidden coins at each clue site redeemable for cash prizes

3- Grand prize for the first to complete their tracker and solve the yearly final scavenger hunt.

While some clues are found on trails, all of the clues will be within 1/2 mile of the trail head, so no grueling hiking is necessary! However, if you’re into hiking, we encourage you to complete the hikes after finding the clues, because they are amazing and beautiful!

After a hunt has been solved by at least one person or group, you can message us for a hint to help you keep moving forward in your Great Scavenger Hunt! You can also visit the TGSH facebook page for help along the way!


If you’re stuck on a clue, have questions about how the hunt works, or any other inquiries, use the form below to reach out and we’ll get back to you quick!

The Great Scavenger Hunt

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